For B & R Premium Logistics sustainability means social, economic and environmental responsibility.


Efficient, responsible logistics is part of a sustainable world. Therefore we have set goals to adopt a sustainable and enduring development of our activities.

On a daily basis, B & R Premium Logistic B.V. embraces the following principles:

  • Act as socially responsible company: by favouring the commitment of all its partners with a managerial approach that has people‚Äôs and nature’s interests at its core.
  • Promote harmonious economic development: by systematically incorporating the sustainable development policy of the client or prospect into its business approach.
  • Control the impact of its activity on the environment: by regularly increasing the share of alternative means of transport to road haulage.

Some examples of our sustainable program are:

-Purchasing Euro6 trucks to replace the current fleet. The Euro 6 trucks are characterized by clean emissions and low fuel consumption.

-Use of alternative fuels.

-Saving on energy consumption by switching to electric transportation resources.

-Energy savings on light and heating equipment with new innovations (like LED and motion detection).