IFS Certification


In August 2018 B&R Premium Logistics acquired their first IFS logistics certificate.


IFS Standards (International Food Standard) are uniform food, product and service standards. The IFS Food standard is a GFSI recognized standard that has been developed to ensure that the food safety and quality requirements (product specifications, customer focus, etc.), as well as applicable regulatory requirements in the products’ country of destination are complied with.

The standard is supported by retailers, food service companies and food manufacturers and logistics service providers like B&R Premium Logistics B.V.

The 3 standards (IFS Food, IFS Broker and IFS Logistics) cover the whole of the supply chain. B&R Premium Logistics not only adds logistic value to their food service customers, but also believes that quality is a main business aspect. That’s why B&R Premium Logistics has been awarded with a higher level ranking in this certificate.